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Redirect checker is a free redirection checker tool that helps the users to trace the complete path of the redirected URL links of any website they want. Here you can easily check redirection of any website like www and non-www websites, check redirects, export data, filter the URLs, request headers, perform JavaScript redirection analysis, validates redirect chain analysis and more. We have simulation of different search engine bots and desktop browsers test.  

When you use our redirection checker you will get the detail information about how your webpage is redirecting and what is the status code of it along with the redirect chain analysis of the URL. It helps you to improve your productivity of your workflow. With canonical you can check 20 Web pages at a time but without canonical you may check 100s of URLs at a time. 

Our aim is to provide the best redirection checker solution to our end users without any interruption that can also help the publishers, webmasters, SEO Geeks and researchers. We have decided to make it free redirection check tool and will be free forever to serve you.  

We have dedicated team of professional that works hard to make it possible to server you the satisfying service. In other hand, we need your support to make it more professional tool in the future. 


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